G.G.G. West 2015
About G.G.G. West:
The G.G.G. West is a Gathering of Gear Geeks for hikers!

Started in 2008 as a way for hikers to get together during the winter season to help get us out of our offices and houses and spend some time out around a campfire for a weekend.

The event takes place at Henry W. Coe State Park. Located in central California, Henry Coe is a 87,000 acre open space with a 23,000 acre wilderness area, that has been kind enough to allow us to have a large group of hikers gather for a weekend.

The G.G.G. West activities include lots of time spent around a campfire telling tales, talking about gear, meeting up with old friends, and making new friends and hiking partners.

Due to the growth of the G.G.G. West event we have found it necessary to create a small website to help us organize those wanting to attend the event, as well as provide information about G.G.G. West for those interested in attending.

For instructions on getting to Henry W. Coe State Park please visit this page and to see trip reports of the 2013 G.G.G. West check out this post at BPL.

If you are a member of BPL and want to stay up to date on things, please keep an eye on this forum post at BPL.
How Things Work:
Be nice to Ranger Jen Nabor, and all the volunteers, they have been good to us!

Limited Availability: There are a limited amount of available camping slots provided by Henry W. Coe State Park for this event, so register early to make sure that you get a spot!

Water: The group spots are dry, so no water. We will haul in some water, which will be potable, but it is recommended that you filter or boil the water that is provided.

Hiking/Biking: Getting to the G.G.G. West campsite does involve a short hike or bike ride - all those wishing to attend will need to be prepared to carry in your gear. During the two or three days of the event you are welcome to hike throughout the open sections of the 23,300-acre Henry W. Coe State Park. Typically there are loosely organized hikes each day - nothing like a good five mile hike first thing in the morning to get through the morning chill!

Shuttling Supplies: The park does not allow us to make multiple trips back and forth to haul stuff in. We need to do one big load ideally. Anything else can be hauled in by bicycle trailer as well. On Saturday we are able to shuttle a limited amount food, equipment, firewood to the group spot by vehicle (weather permitting). If you are in need of having stuff hauled in please follow these steps: By mid afternoon Friday, and on Saturday morning, drive to our campsite at the HQ campground and drop off your stuff. While there, buy your parking permit ($8 per day/night, try not to need change, checks OK) at the HQ and take your vehicle to the overflow lot down the hill a bit from the HQ, then hike to camp. When we make our shuttle runs you will be reunited with your gear/food/water/wood/whatever - but please remember, space is very limited.

Vendors: it is vital you contact us before you arrive so we can make sure you have a slot to setup your gear and to arrange for having your gear shuttled to our camp site.

Arriving after hours/dark? Permits at iron ranger across from the visitor center. If overflow lot gate is closed and looks locked, it is not. Just lift off the chain, pull in and close the gate behind you.

Parking Permit: If you have been contacted about a parking permit they will be waiting for you at park HQ. They are $8 per day/night. This is not included in your G.G.G. West fees.

Where Is Henry W. Coe State Park? Not sure how to get there? Look here.

Henry Coe HQ address: 9100 E Dunne Ave, Morgan Hill, CA 95037 (see pdf map)

Weather: What about the weather? In past years we have had both snow and rain - and Henry Coe almost always has cold wind during this time of the year. See the local weather report.

Thusday Night Car Camping: If you are thinking about arriving early and car camping by the park HQ, say for Thursday night, they are $20 a night, one vehicle.

G.G.G. West is a family friendly event - rowdy behavior will result in you being asked to leave.
Quick Tips:
Henry W. Coe State Park can get wet and cold. We have had lots of rain, snow, and sub-freezing conditions. Bring the appropriate shelter, clothing and sleeping bags/quilts.

The area of Henry Coe that we camp at has a few hammock spots, but not a lot, so you should contact us to find out if there are any hammock spots left.

It can be a 30+ minute drive from Highway 101 to Henry Coe. Please, respect the local residence and drive slowly and respectfully. They live there, we are just passing through.

California is quickly becoming one of the hot-spots in the USA for ticks. Last year there were a number of reported human-tick encounters of the Western blacklegged tick (Ixodes pacificus - responsible for causing anaplasmosis and Lyme disease in humans) and at least one encounter of the Argasidae (aka: soft ticks) and multiple sightings of them. So, plan accordingly... it might be January and freezing, but they are still out there waiting for us! Be sure to have a pair of Pro-Tick tweezers - or the Tick Key - and if you are into using chemicals spray your shelter and clothing with some Sawyer Permethrin before you leave.

Be prepared to tell stories!

Be prepared to listen to stories!

This is a gathering of gear geeks... so bring the gear you want to show-off!